Personalizing your product:

Q. Are we able to change the font style and/or text color on personalized labels?

A. Fortunately, yes, our excellent team of designers has preset a lot of font styles for you to choose from. You can easily see which design styles are available on our product detail page. If you are worried about the text being illegible or It can be seen that please feel free to contact our customer service team to solve your problems as soon as possible. In addition, I am sorry that we may not be able to satisfy the designs other than our preset designs.I am very sorry.


Q. If I make grammatical or spelling errors on my personalized order, will they be changed?

A. Unfortunately not. Your text will be printed exactly as you enter it on our website. Our wonderful processing team may catch some of these errors and contact you to confirm your text, but this is not guaranteed. It is IMPORTANT for you to double check your order before submitting it and to review your confirmation email very carefully.


Q. What if we exceed the maximum number of characters?

A. Your text may be printed smaller than what is shown in our example images or you may be contacted to change the text. We do recommend sticking to the character limits displayed on each product page for the best looking labels!


Q. Can we cancel orders?

A. Yes, however, a cancellation fee may be applied on personalized orders if our production team has already printed your custom made labels..


Q. Do we have to use every text line available?

A. If you are ordering a product that does not require customization then you may choose to leave the text line blank and simply enter “No Custom” in the text line text box.


Q.Is there a minimum order required?

A. The minimum order requirement varies per item. That information is located on each product page.


Q. What is the currency for all prices?

A. All Wedding Favorites pricing is quoted in US Dollars.


Q. Can I make changes after placing an order?

A. Yes, however, it cannot be modified if your original custom label has been printed by our production team or the shipment has been shipped. If your label has not been printed and shipped, you can change it, but this may incur a reprint fee. Make changes by contacting our customer service team online, I hope you will reply in time after receiving the reply from customer service.


Q. What if I received my order and some items are damaged?

A. Please check all items carefully when you receive your order. If there is any damage, please contact our customer service as soon as possible, but no later than 7 days after the package is delivered. Keep the original box, packing materials, and any documents in the box. We recommend that you send us digital photos of damaged boxes and/or items via an online customer service session to expedite the claims process.

If there are any other questions that are not answered in this guide, don’t hesitate to email, call or chat with us! We are here and happy to help!